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3 Popular Flooring Options for Your Business

The type of flooring you choose for your business makes a huge difference. Not only will you need a flooring option that is durable enough to handle a high amount of foot traffic, but it will also need to look good to add to the business aesthetic. Keep reading to find some of the most […]

Best Flooring Options for an Aircraft Hangar

We know that pilots would rather be up in the clouds, but for better or worse, you have to come back down to Earth at some point. When you do, your air hangar needs the proper flooring. Let’s take a look at which elements you can look for in air hangar flooring. What Needs Does […]

Is Gorgeous, Polished Concrete Going to Fit In Your Home?

Industrial design is in, folks. Polished concrete might remind you of the mall, but in recent years it has been gaining ground in the residential sector as well. You can’t underestimate the power and versatility of a concrete floor, especially when you realize how many options you truly have. Polished concrete has many benefits and […]

Epoxy Vs. Polyaspartic: You Decide

When it comes to a finishing coat for your floor in a commercial space, Epoxy floor coating and Polyaspartic finishers are both quite popular. Each substance stands out for different reasons and, naturally, each one has its own failings. Today we’re going to dive into what sets these two materials apart as well as what […]

Protect-All Flooring Supplier

East Coast Protect-All Flooring Supplier What are you looking for in a floor? Do you want something durable, long-lasting and resistant to damage? If so, then you’re looking for Protect-All flooring. Recently, Dragon Scale Flooring has become a Protect-All flooring supplier for the East Coast. This means you can now have this type of flooring […]

Flooring Trends to Watch for in 2018

As we approach the new year, we also approach new and exciting trends sweeping the design world. Flooring is an integral part of interior design, and follows trends the same way everything else does. Many seem to ignore the importance of these trends, until it’s too late, and their flooring is hopelessly outdated. Remember shag […]

Do I Need to Seal My Concrete Floor?

Concrete flooring probably looks pretty simple. It’s not exposed to the outdoors, so it is protected from the many dangers that pavement faces that leads to deterioration. However, that doesn’t mean your concrete flooring doesn’t need to be sealed. Sealing concrete floors is perhaps the most vital step in keeping your floors in shape. Your […]

Choosing Flooring for a Restaurant Remodel

Your restaurant is your livelihood, and it’s important you make the best design choices possible. Flooring is not just something you need to fit your restaurant’s aesthetic, but you also need a floor that’s durable and will hold up to wear, be easy to clean, and be safe for employees and customers to walk on. […]

Best Type of Flooring for a Gym?

Are you looking to turn a room in your home into a personal at-home workout space or gym? Maybe you’re looking into starting your own business running a gym with paying customers? Either way here are the different types of flooring which work great for a gym and the pros and cons of each. Concrete […]

Quality Floor Coatings by Tennant

Is your current concrete floor in bad shape? Is it time for a face lift? A new floor coating may be exactly what your concrete floor needs, and the quality floor coatings created by Tennant Company are some of the industry’s best. The knowledgeable and experienced team at Tennant creates some of the most durable, […]