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Tennant Floor Coatings

The superior quality floor coatings offered by Tennant are some of the industry’s best types of floor sealants and floor coatings we’ve seen. Tennant is a quality floor coating company with the knowledge and expertise to create the most durable, high-performance floor coatings to effectively meet any flooring need.

Why Use Tennant Floor Coatings?

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Lasting Durability

The number one thing to look for in a floor coating is how much protection it can offer your concrete floors. Concrete floors are extremely common, and for good reason; concrete floors are economical, versatile, and environmentally friendly. That said, concrete floors aren’t impervious to damage from risk factors such as heat, moisture, chemicals, or drops. This is where Tennant floor coatings come in; they add a protective, durable layer of protection to your floor that is second to none.

Increases Property Value

Tennant floor coatings are well-known in the industry for their durability and aesthetics. In fact, all those things that make Tennant floor coatings great add up to a real dollar value improvement in your property. If you end up looking to resell your facilities, a floor coating will not only add value in aesthetics, but ensure your concrete floors are in their best shape possible.

Wide Variety of Colors

Tennant floor coatings come in a wide-array of color options in floor coatings allowing business owners to match their new floor coatings with whatever color they like. Whether you’re simply looking for a generic clear coating, or want to make your floors blue like the video on the right, Tennant floor coatings can help.

It’s What the Pros Use

For over 145 years, Tennant floor coatings has helped drive the floor coating industry in developing newer and better products for sealing concrete flooring. Put your trust in a company who has seen it all, and who has the trust of industry floor coating professionals.

Serving a Wide-Variety of Industries

Tennant floor coatings are the ideal concrete coating material for many different industries including animal care facilities, arenas, auto repair shops, grocery stores, fire stations, parking deck, healthcare facilities, and more!

Flooring Brands We Carry

I can’t say enough about the wonderful experience I had dealing with Dragon Scale Flooring, I would recommend them without hesitation.

Concrete Coatings for Your Needs

If you’re looking to protect your concrete floor with a Tennant floor coating, get in touch with Dragon Scale Flooring today for a free estimate. Give us a call at 844-2DS-FLOOR or fill out our contact us form today.