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Hangar and Garage Flooring

Dragon Scale Flooring professionally installs durable flooring in a variety of commercial garages and airplane hangars. From consulting you on the best flooring product options to getting the job done to your exact specifications, you can rely on us every step of the process. We install commercial hangar and garage flooring in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and in many other East Coast states.

How We Can Help

Commercial garage flooring has to do much more than the flooring in a typical one-car garage. There is a lot more traffic, often heavier vehicles and more opportunities for spills, scratches and grease stains. Dragon Scale Flooring can help you find the perfect flooring material that overcomes these challenges and makes it easy to maintain a safe and attractive surface.

We provide flooring solutions for:

  • Large and small aircraft hangars
  • Fire and rescue facilities
  • Public transportation depots
  • Parking garages
  • Auto repair shops
  • And other similar facilities
Aircraft hangar

I can’t say enough about the wonderful experience I had dealing with Dragon Scale Flooring, I would recommend them without hesitation.

Flooring Brands We Carry

Creating Attractive Garage Flooring

Who says that you can’t get durable flooring that is also attractive? At Dragon Scale Flooring we can give you both! We use a variety of decorative concrete products to add color, shine and custom designs to your floor. We can feature your logo in the center of the floor or we can create abstract swirls with metallic epoxy. The decision is up to you! Whether you want a slick and modern surface or an artistic flooring design, we’ll be happy to implement it for you.

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