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Manufacturing and Warehouse Flooring

Dragon Scale Flooring can help you find the best flooring solutions for your warehouse or manufacturing plant. We will work with your specifications and unique challenges to come up with flooring products that will best meet your needs. Got a huge facility? Not a problem! We have a large enough crew to finish any size project fast and efficiently. We install manufacturing and warehouse flooring in Maryland, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, Virginia and along the East Coast.

Providing Custom Flooring for:

  • Machine shops
  • Chemical storage rooms
  • Packaging and assembly lines
  • Loading docks
  • Traffic isles
  • Employee break rooms and cafeterias

We can cover every space within your warehouse or manufacturing plant with an appropriate concrete coating or floor covering that looks good and addresses the challenges of the specific environment.

Meeting the Toughest Flooring Requirements

Whether you run a manufacturing plant, food processing plant, textile plant, warehouse or a similar facility, let us help you find flooring that is:

  • Heavy duty and resistant to impact
  • Low maintenance
  • Long-lasting under heavy equipment
  • Resistant to harsh chemicals and abrasion
  • Fast-drying and quick to install

We carry a variety of elastomeric, cementitious, urethane, methyl methacrylate and epoxy concrete coatings that possess these and many other qualities. Contact us to speak with one of our commercial flooring experts and discuss your unique project requirements.