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Epoxy Vs. Polyaspartic: You Decide

When it comes to a finishing coat for your floor in a commercial space, Epoxy floor coating and Polyaspartic finishers are both quite popular. Each substance stands out for different reasons and, naturally, each one has its own failings.

Today we’re going to dive into what sets these two materials apart as well as what brings them together.

Which one will end up being better for your floors? That’s up to you.


In This Corner…Epoxy Floor Coating!

Epoxy is an inexpensive, highly durable material that makes for an excellent mid-coat or top-coat that holds up well over time. The finish itself is lovely and is sure to elongate the life of your floor. However, Epoxy has a few issues.

For example, Epoxy is only able to cure in a certain temperature range. Therefore, if your room is not well-insulated, then there may be times of the year that won’t work.

Similarly, a walk-in freezer or other low-temperature environment may have to shut down operations for longer than you would like to install the Epoxy.

An Epoxy floor coating also takes quite a while to cure; much longer, in fact than our next contender.

And in this corner… Polyaspartic!

If you have a high-traffic, critical location that cannot afford to be shut down for very long, then Polyaspartic is going to be your friend.

This material is quick to cure and very long lasting. It can handle heavy foot-traffic and scratches like a champ as well.

The temperature problem that epoxy has is not to be found here. The Polyaspartic doesn’t seem to mind the cold.

It sounds almost perfect, but this material is not without its issues. For example, Polyaspartic is slippery when wet which must be taken into consideration.

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