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Aging In Place

Age in Place Comfortably with a Home Remodel

As we age, completing even the simplest tasks we easily performed before can become difficult. Your bones and muscles may ache, and you may have specific debilitations as well. Some people opt to enter nursing homes or assisted living facilities to help them deal with their lack of mobility, but many others choose to age in place.

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Know What to Look for to Improve Your Home for Aging In Place

An Aging in Place Checklist

Aging in place refers to the process of growing old in your own personal home, and usually involves making renovations to help accommodate you and your decreased movement ability. We made a checklist of a number of renovations that can make your home more accessible.

aig list bathroom white
aig list electrical
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▢  Most living should be on a single story
▢  No steps between rooms
▢  Clear spaces where you can turn around

▢  Wall support bars
▢  At least one wheelchair accessible bathroom on your main level
▢  Install grab bars by your tub or shower
▢  Lower your bathtub’s walls for easier access
▢  Fold down shower seat
▢  Adjustable handheld showerheads
▢ Slip-resistant flooring
▢ Toilet paper holders that allow for rolls to be changed with one hand

aig list bathroom  

▢  Light switches by entrance
▢  Light receptacles with two bulbs in important rooms
▢  Rocker/touch light switches
▢  Audible and visual strobe light systems to indicate the doorbell or telephone
▢  A security intercom system
▢  Thermostats that are easy to read
▢  Home wired for security

aig list electrical

▢  Adding a no-step entry point
▢  Exterior sensor lights
▢  Widening of doorways
▢  Non-slip flooring
▢  An accessible doorway
▢  A ledge to sit packages on while opening the door

▢  Low maintenance exterior
▢  Decks, patios, or balconies with no steps
▢  Easily maintained plants and shrubs

▢  Pedal controlled faucets
▢  Anti-scald features
▢  Pressure balanced faucets
▢  Pullout spray faucets

▢  Smooth slip-resistant floors
▢  Low carpets
▢  Color and texture changes to indicate surface levels


▢  Adequate lighting
▢  Wide halls

▢  At least 32 inches of clear width
▢  Levered door hardware

▢  Easy to read controls
▢  Front loading washers and dryers
▢  A microwave at counter height or in the wall
▢  Electric cooktop with level burners and front controls

▢  Varied height counters
▢  Base cabinets with roll out trays or  Lazy Susan’s
▢  Pull-down shelves
▢  Cabinets with glass doors
▢  Open shelving

▢  Slopes no greater than one inch for every twelve inches in length
▢  Two inch curbs
Stairways, Elevators, and Lifts
▢  Handrails on both sides of your stairway
▢  A residential elevator
▢  An automated lift for your stairs

▢  Easy to clean surfaces
▢  Central vacuum
▢  An automatic pet feeding system
▢  A built-in recycling system
▢  Video phones
▢  An intercom system

▢  Closet rods and shelves you can adjust
▢  Lighting in closets
▢  Doors that are easy to open

▢  An HVAC system designed so filters are easily accessed
▢  Energy-efficient systems

▢  Lots of windows to allow for natural light
▢  Lowered windows

▢  Multi-level work areas that allow you to cook at different heights
▢  Task lighting
▢  Loop handles for easy access

Dragon Scale Inc. has Age in Place Experience

Here at Dragon Scale Inc., we’ve been providing Marylanders with our flooring and home services for years, and we have a lot of personal experience assisting the elderly and disabled. Our owner, Andrew, grew up working in assisted-living facilities and served as a Medical Officer in the US Army, and our designer, Josh, previously worked as a nurse for a number of years, so we have a lot of experience in helping people age at home. Utilizing our inhouse design software and team, we can walk you through your newly transformed ADA-Complaint space. Inside or Outside, we can transform them both. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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