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Do I Need to Seal My Concrete Floor?

Concrete flooring probably looks pretty simple. It’s not exposed to the outdoors, so it is protected from the many dangers that pavement faces that leads to deterioration. However, that doesn’t mean your concrete flooring doesn’t need to be sealed.

Sealing concrete floors is perhaps the most vital step in keeping your floors in shape. Your attitude towards this particular subject may be, “What’s the worst that can happen?” The answer is, serious damage that can be easily prevented. 

Dragon Scale Flooring Sealing Concrete Floors

What Kind of Coating is Used?

There is a wide variety of coatings that can be used to cover concrete. Some of the main material categories are:

  • Polyaspartic coatings
  • Resin coatings
  • Urethane coating
  • Cementitious compounds

Among these, Terrazzo flooring and Dex-O-Tex Flooring do an amazing job of coating cement floors to seal them. These coatings can also be used on a variety of other floor surfaces, such as tile or hardwood. Whether it’s your basement or your garage, a sealant is always needed to protect your concrete.

Regardless, a sealant is always going to protect your concrete. The quality of the sealant may mean that it requires more frequent reapplications over the years, but it still functions just as well. Dragon Scale Flooring will never work with a sealant that doesn’t do the job.

Why Use a Sealant?

Sealants can serve a number of purposes, but the number one reason we seal concrete is to protect it from various types of damages. Chips, scratches, stains, and more await your concrete floor should you neglect to seal it. If you work in a shop or garage, you’ll notice that concrete can harbor dust particles, and sweeping does nothing but kick those up into the air. With a sealant, cleaning your concrete and wiping spills is far easier, and never stains.

Not to mention, it just looks nicer! An aesthetically appealing floor is always better to look at, and might even draw in a few customers if you’re running a business. That sealed concrete may mean the difference between clients choosing you over a dealership for their car repairs. And, if you’re using concrete for your basement flooring, that doesn’t mean it has to look unfinished or dirty. Concrete sealants can even come in different colors, giving you a wide range of design ideas.

How Can Dragon Scale Help?

Dragon Scale Flooring is dedicated to giving you the most beautiful concrete floor you could ever install. For both residential and commercial concrete sealing purposes, Dragon Scale Flooring works to seal your concrete in order to protect it for years to come.

We use a variety of sealants, and work with many flooring materials to ensure your satisfaction. With 40 years of experience, our Maryland flooring experts know what it takes to conduct concrete floor sealing in a proper, practical manner. If you’ve been searching for the perfect concrete floor sealant, it’s time to come to Dragon Scale Flooring.