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Kitchen and Restaurant Flooring

At Dragon Scale Flooring, we work with restaurant owners and property managers to help them choose and install the right flooring for their commercial kitchens, bars, dining halls and other areas within a restaurant. We can help you break down your space based on functions, evaluate needs and challenges and set you up with the perfect flooring solution. We perform kitchen and restaurant flooring installation in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, DC and throughout the East Coast.

Restaurant Flooring Requirements

In a restaurant environment, you have to think about both your staff and your patrons. For your staff, it’s important to have a safe and comfortable working environment. And your patrons are mostly looking to enjoy the dining experience. With these two different user groups in mind, here are some considerations on which flooring to choose.

restaurant flooring
commercial kitchen flooring

Flooring for customer areas:

  • Should come in attractive colors and patterns
  • Should reflect your branding
  • Should not be slippery

Flooring for employee areas:

  • Should be easy to clean
  • Should tolerate spills, dropped items, and cleaning chemicals
  • Should be sanitary
  • Should be comfortable in areas where prolonged standing is required.
  • Should be slip-resistant

I can’t say enough about the wonderful experience I had dealing with Dragon Scale Flooring, I would recommend them without hesitation.

Flooring Brands We Carry

We can create surfaces that meet these and other requirements and that can be used with anti-fatigue floor mats as needed. We can also install cold-tolerant flooring in walk-in freezers and even apply wall coating in kitchens for easier cleaning.

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