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Scientifically Superior and performance proven, Dex-O-Tex floor, wall and waterproofing systems are made for demanding environments that require long-term protection, durability, cleanliness and aesthetics. Dex-O-Tex, created by Crossfields Products Corp, provides wall and waterproofing systems. Our products are designed for long term protection and durability in difficult environments. We provide many types of systems that enhance the cleanliness and overall appearance of new construction projects as well as renovations. Installations completed by Factory Trained Professional Applicators ensure high-quality and long-term performance of these polymeric and cementitious construction materials.

Why Should I Choose Dex-O-Tex?

Dex-O-Tex flooring sytems combine the highest levels of long-term durability and safety for your floors and surfaces. Dex-O-Tex was created to endure the harshest abuse from impact, shock, chemical spills, and temperature and humidity changes. Some of the benefits of Dex-O-Tex Include:

Enhance the Value of Your Facility

Dex-O-Tex, by Crossfield Products Corp, specializes in advanced surfacing and coating for floor and waterproof systems. Used in commercial and industrial industries throughout the world, Dex-O-Tex products boost the overall performance and value while protecting concrete and other types of flooring.

Professional’s Choice in Surfacing

For over 75 years, Crossfield Products Corp has been creating polymer systems. Our products are optimal for completing new construction as well as renovations. All installations are completed by factory trained professionals which helps our customers to achieve top quality long term performance.

Serving a Variety of Needs

Dex-O-Tex products serve a variety of markets. Our floor, wall, and waterproofing systems are compliant with ADA guidelines and provide a simple solution to your construction project. In addition our products contribute to environmentally friendly facilities. Our products are frequently found in athletic facilities, schools, laboratories, aerospace hangers, animal clinics, cruise ships, military vessels, and many other locations.

Providing a Broad Range of Products

Our systems include liquid polymers, re-dispersible polymers, as well as silca sand free products. Our epoxy wall coating systems provide easy future cleanings and the ability to sustain impacts. Regardless of the type of construction you are completing, Dex-O-Tex products can be formulated to provide the type of protective solution you need. Our systems include anti-microbial floors, flooring underlayment, moisture vapor suppression systems, fluid proofing membranes, conductive systems, decorative flooring, chemical resistance coatings, and several other solutions to suit your needs.

Long Term Solution for Your Project

Dex-O-Tex products supply your new construction of renovation with a durable long lasting option that is aesthetically pleasing. Our products are suitable for every type of environment and are capable of providing long term protection. Contact a Dex-O-Tex representative today at (800) 704-5571 to find the right protective solution for your project.

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