Veteran's Day Sale! - November 10th-15th

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter is here, and though we haven’t seen our first snowfall yet, it’s coming. For most people, a home is one of the largest investments they’ll ever make in their lives and is one that is worth protecting. Winter can be the harshest season of the year, and it can do a lot of damage […]

Building the Custom Home of Your Dreams

Building the Custom Home of Your Dreams

Building a new home is a very exciting and rewarding venture. Building your own home allows you to customize it specifically for you and your needs. When you have a dependable contractor like Dragon Scale, Inc building a custom home can be made easier and less stressful. Here’s how Dragon Scale, Inc. can help you […]

Now Offering Up to $100k Financing

Now Offering Up to 100k Financing

Sometimes we don’t want to wait for something we want. Luckily, there is a way you can buy things without saving up for them. It’s called financing. Financing is a great way to pay for something when you don’t already have all of the money required. There are a lot of things you can finance, […]

Now licensed in Washington D.C. and Virginia!

Dragon Scale Inc is now licensed in Washington D.C. and Virginia

What does that mean for you? As a licensed contractor in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and Washington D.C., we’re able to provide you with exceptional home remodeling services no matter where you are! We’re proud to be a licensed home remodeling company in four states and the District of Columbia, and we look forward to […]

Labor Day Sale 2022 

DSI Sept Wk1

Celebrated on the first Monday of each September, Labor Day honors the social and economic achievements of American workers and celebrates the American labor force’s historic contributions to the nation’s economic strength and social prosperity.  At Dragon Scale, our veteran-owned and family-operated business respects workers’ rights and holds a deep appreciation for the value workers […]