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Easy Strip



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KEMIKO® EASY STRIP is applied to concrete substrates which have been top coated with KEMIKO® STONE TONE SEALER II, KEMIKO® Epoxy and KEMIKO® Polyurethane, followed by KEMIKO® EASY SHINE WAX. It is specifically designed to remove wax build up, visible oil, grease and stain residue.

Note: This material ships as Hazardous Material. Expect the actual shipping cost to be roughly $41.00 more the initial estimate per 1 to 4 gallons of product.

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Benefits Include:
• Low Odor
• Easy to Use
• Versatility

Commonly Found In:
• Domestic and Commercial Kitchens
• Grocery Stores
• Restaurants
• Showroom Floors
• Walkways
• Interior and Exterior Surfaces Requiring Removal of Wax Build Up


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