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SofiX 700 – Concrete Heavy-Duty Moisture Vapor Blocking Barrier


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Chem-Crete SofiX CCC700 is a unique one of a kind water-based crystallization product specifically designed to permanently block moisture and vapor transmission in concrete or masonry structures up to 16 lb per 1000 ft2 per 24 Hours.

The Chem-Crete SofiX CCC700 can be easily applied by spraying or rolling. Chem-Crete SofiX CCC700 is designed to be applied to concrete substrates that are 7 days or older. The Chem-Crete SofiX CCC700 is formulated to enhance deep penetration into the concrete substrate through capillary action.

Chem-Crete SofiX CCC700 is an odorless, colorless, clear liquid with very low viscosity that allows it to penetrate deeply into a concrete substrate or other masonry products. The product protects preserves and waterproofs without any surface film formation or color change.

Available in 5 gallon containers.

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Weight 50 lbs