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Planning a Fence for a Dog

Planning a Fence for a Dog

Bringing a dog into your family is an exciting and rewarding experience. As a responsible pet owner, one of your top priorities is ensuring the safety and well-being of your furry friend. Planning a fence for your dog is an essential step in providing them with a secure and controlled environment where they can roam, […]

Fencing Your Property for Pets

fencing for pet

One of the most common reasons people consider installing fences in their yard is to contain their children and small pets. Although your primary reason for installing a fence in your yard is to keep your pets safe, you want a fence that will also complement the design of your home. With a plethora of […]

Fences for Privacy

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Your neighbors are great, but that doesn’t mean you want to always see them when you’re enjoying your yard. And chances are, your neighbors feel the same way. Privacy fences have become a popular addition to yards throughout America. In addition to providing some much-needed privacy, they also enhance the look of your yard. Take […]

What Type of Fence Should I Get for My Yard?

what type of fence is best for your home

Adding a fence to your property can help you to achieve a number of different goals. Whether you’re looking to add some privacy to your yard or want to keep some pets in, a fence is just what you need. At Dragon Scale, we’ve helped many homeowners in Maryland install fences along their property lines, […]

What Fencing Options Are There?

What Fencing Options Are There

Thinking about adding a fence to your property? Whether you’re looking for some privacy, want to keep pets in, or keep wild animals out, a new fence may be just what you need. At Dragon Scale, we’ve helped a lot of homeowners in Maryland with their fences and can help you too. We took a […]