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Fences for Privacy

Your neighbors are great, but that doesn’t mean you want to always see them when you’re enjoying your yard. And chances are, your neighbors feel the same way. Privacy fences have become a popular addition to yards throughout America. In addition to providing some much-needed privacy, they also enhance the look of your yard. Take a look at some of the current most popular privacy fence styles. 

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Wooden Picket Fence

Wooden picket fences are made from pickets that are placed closely together. The result is a fence that provides exceptional backyard privacy. This is the most budget-friendly type of privacy fence there is. However, since wooden picket fences are made out of pressure-treated lumber, they will require maintenance to prevent mold and rot. 

Luxury Wooden Fence

Similar to a wooden picket fence, a luxury wooden fence offers the same or sometimes better level of privacy. But unlike a wooden picket fence, they include more style-only touches. Some examples of this include a curved top rail, a lattice pattern, or something else that adds to the fence’s aesthetic appeal. If you choose to incorporate a luxury wooden privacy fence into your yard, be prepared to maintain it to keep it in solid shape. 

Simple Vinyl Fence 

One of the most efficient privacy fence styles on the market is vinyl fences made of tall panels that completely block the line of sight. Most simple vinyl fences come in one solid color and don’t have any additional frills. Many homeowners love vinyl fences because of their easy maintenance and how long they last. You can expect a vinyl fence to easily last upwards of 50 years.

Aluminum-Vinyl Hybrid Fence

If you love the look of an aluminum fence but want the privacy that vinyl fences offer, you can opt for an aluminum-vinyl hybrid fence. This modern privacy fence combines a sleek aluminum frame around thick vinyl fence panels. This combination creates a distinctly attractive two-tone fence that is just as effective as a full vinyl privacy fence. The only thing you will need to do to maintain this type of fence is wipe it down with soap and water every so often, and it will remain in good condition for over 50 years. 

Find Your Ideal Privacy Fence

When you need a fence that offers privacy and style, turn to Dragon Scale, Inc. for help. We have a variety of fence options and experienced installers who will properly install your new privacy fence. Check out our selection online or visit our Jessup, MD showroom today!