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Why you Should Consider Using Rubaroc

Rubaroc is a type of floor coating made of a polymer resin mixed with rubber. This coating can be installed over any solid surface whether indoors or out making it ideal for almost every situation. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider using Rubaroc for your home or business.

Rubaroc outdoor floor coating


Rubaroc floor coatings greatly reduce the risk of a slip-and-fall accident. The coating itself maximizes traction, even when wet, making it ideal around swimming pools or in playgrounds or workplaces. That said, even if a fall does happen, Rubaroc is a soft and smooth surface that will absorb the impact and reduce injury.


As floors and surfaces expand and contract with the changing temperatures each season, you want your floor coating to be able to adapt as well. Rubaroc floor coatings are made using a polymer resin and rubber; which means they are extremely flexible and won’t crack as the seasons change.


Looking for a unique floor with a custom color, design, or logo? Rubaroc floor coatings come in a wide variety of colors allowing for an easy match to your home’s color scheme. In addition, if you partner with an experienced Rubaroc floor coating installer you can even get custom design work and have a unique pattern or even your logo installed in the floor!

Rubaroc floor coatings in Maryland


While this type of floor coating may feel soft, that doesn’t mean it can’t take a beating. Rubaroc floor coatings come with a 10-year warranty, and are designed to last much longer than that. Rubaroc floors can tolerate impacts, wear and tear, pool chemicals, and frequent sanitation—making it an ideal floor where you need durability.


No matter the base material, Rubaroc is versatile enough to adhere to nearly any surface. This type of floor coating can adhere to concrete, asphalt, tarmac, brick, chipboard, epoxy stone, crushed aggregate, wood, and even metals like steel and aluminum.

Doesn’t Fade

Many types of concrete or asphalt floor coatings will be affected by UV rays. This isn’t the case here. Rest assured your custom designs will remain vibrant and gorgeous even after years of abuse from the sun.

rubaroc, playground, rubber flooring, bouncy, play ground, floors

Absorbs Heat

Ever try and run across a driveway barefoot during a bright summer day? Where many surfaces get extremely hot under the harsh sun, Rubaroc is formulated to not conduct the heat. It stays 15-20° cooler than asphalt or other similar surfaces.

Low Maintenance

Close-cell polymer is used in the creation of Rubaroc floor coatings, which means that it isn’t porous and can be easily cleaned. In other words, you can avoid all the necessary maintenance required of a porous floor.

Looking to install some new floor coatings for your home or business? Get in touch with the experts at Dragon Scale Flooring today for a free estimate on a Rubaroc flooring installation.