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Why Will HTC Flooring Solutions Give You an Edge?

When used properly, HTC’s flooring equipment provides high quality prep and polishing for concrete, asphalt, parking garages, wooden surfaces, bridges, and more. Their Superprep series of flooring tools is known for its versatility and can handle just about any floor grinding or polishing job.

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Types of Equipment

HTC advertises their products by their ability to remove different thicknesses of floor coatings:


Removes coatings of 0-1mm
Ideal for leveling concrete surfaces (prior to laying floors)
Adapts to concrete’s underlying hardness
Offers controlled grinding for thin flooring


  • Removes coatings of 0-2mm
  • Leaves a more coarse surface than other prep tools
  • Uses crushed PCDs for difficult jobs
  • Provides aggressive stripping
  • Works well on both soft and hard surfaces
  • Can remove various types of coatings, paint, glue residue, etc.


  • Removes coatings of 1-3mm
  • Best suited for small grinders
  • Has 2 PCD segments
  • Available with or without protective segments


  • Removes coatings of 1-3mm
  • Has 5 PCD segments
  • Well suited for large machines


  • Accessory that is useful for very uneven surfaces
  • Has removable segments
  • Bolted in place for optimal results
  • Works with any HTC flooring machine

Why Use HTC Flooring Systems?

Floors in your home or commercial space need to be both attractive and functional. HTC’s Superprep series is a highly economical option for floor grinding and polishing. You’ll save money on floor covering materials, which aren’t necessary when the slab on grade is used as your floor’s finished surface. Polishing your floors with HTC equipment makes them less vulnerable to damage and extends the life of your flooring significantly. Polished flooring is very easy to clean, as it doesn’t harbor dirt, dust, or other allergens.

For commercial spaces, their equipment makes flooring more resistant to high levels of foot traffic. The polished surface only requires occasional mopping and eliminates the need for extra coatings or wax treatments. Polished flooring has a high light reflectivity and allows you to project a clean, bright, professional image, and saves on energy costs by reducing the need for artificial lighting.

If you’re looking for HTC flooring solutions in Maryland, contact the professionals at Dragon Scale Flooring today! We have professional tools and equipment for both purchase and rental, and we offer specialized training for those without experience using HTC flooring tools.