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Why Use Elastomeric Floor Coating?

If you need a floor coating that offers high-quality protection while holding up to the elements, then elastomeric floor coating might be the perfect fit for your home or business. This coating is strong and flexible. It can not only sustain heavy traffic, but won’t crack upon impact, either. In addition, its flexible nature means it can still perform at a hundred percent when temperatures are at their most extreme.

Epoxy Elastomeric

There are a number of floor types that would benefit from an elastomeric floor coating.

Parking garages, freezers, and loading docks are just a few examples, as it’s a good coating for places where heavy trucks or machinery frequently operate. The stress and wear caused by heavy machinery can cause a concrete floor to wear down a lot faster, exposing it to the elements or further damage through cracks or stress fractures. An elastomeric coating can prevent these kinds of problems from occurring.

There are plenty of other benefits, too.

This coating is a lot thicker than other kinds of concrete sealants, which means it can take more stress than those other sealants would be able to. It is also able to keep recently repaired concrete together by filling any cracks.

This keeps the surface bonded while preventing previous damage from reappearing. This kind of flooring also provides superior waterproofing, which ensures your building is safe from any damage that might happen as a result of water finding its way into the floor.

Elastomeric floor coatings do come with some disadvantages. They are somewhat more expensive than other floor sealants due to the superior quality, and if not installed correctly, the coating might become lumpy and unattractive.

This is especially problematic as it’s very difficult for just anyone to apply this kind of coating correctly.

If your concrete floor currently has large cracks or damage, the elastomeric coating shouldn’t be applied. While it can fill and bond small cracks and repairs, it’s not able to fill and protect large cracks in your concrete, and may actually cause more damage if installed on a severely cracked surface.

Talk to a local floor expert, such as Dragon Scale Flooring, if you’re considering elastomeric coating. If you decide that it’s the right fit for you, seriously consider hiring our true professionals to perform the installation.

It’s better to have a qualified company to guarantee high-quality work than to end up with an improperly applied coating that looks bad and doesn’t provide proper protection to your floors.

The last thing anyone wants is for their floor to be damaged by heavy traffic and machinery, especially when it could have been easily prevented by the coating used.