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Why Use a Warming Towel Rack

Ever taken a super relaxing shower, only to step out and it feels like you’re at the North Pole? If so, then you already know why investing in a towel warming rack is a good idea. At Dragon Scale Inc., we provide Maryland homeowners with a lot of towel racks, many of them heated ones, and wanted to speak on why we love these products, particularly Amba brand heated towel racks.

warming towel rack

Never Feel the “After Shower Cold” Again

We already touched on it, but the main benefit of using a heated towel rack is that snuggly warm feeling you get when you step out of the shower. You can even keep multiple towels on some of Amba’s racks, meaning you could have a warm towel on the floor too, which means your feet can also bypass the “after shower cold”.

Amba Heated Racks Will Dry Your Towels Too

After you’ve used your warm towel, it’s going to become wet and cold. Some people wash their towel after every use, but many others choose to let the towel dry and use it several times before washing. Heated towel racks will dry your wet towel better and faster than just air-drying it, which will prevent any potential musty or moldy smells.

Can Heated Racks Be Left On Constantly?

Each model is different, but most of the models Amba offers have internal thermal cutouts or digital heat controllers that will monitor the temperature and shut it off when it gets too high. Models that don’t have a thermal cutout or digital heat controller will reach their top temperature and stay there. You may want to consider only leaving the racks on when in use to save on your energy bill.

Consult a Professional Maryland Bathroom Remodeling Company

When looking to upgrade or remodel your bathroom, you should work with an experienced Maryland bathroom remodeling company. Our team of contractors has been providing the good people of Maryland with our services for years. Interested in learning more about Amba’s fabulous line of heated towel racks? Give us a call!