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Why Get an Amba Towel Rack

For many people, taking a shower is one of the most relaxing parts of their day, but this relaxation typically comes to an end after stepping out of the shower into the cold. It’s the same chilly feeling you get when you jump out of a pool and get caught off guard by a breeze. You can continue your relaxation and beat the cold with a luxurious Amba heated towel rack. At Dragon Scale, we’re very proud of the products and brands we carry, and as a certified distributor of Amba heated towel racks, today we wanted to highlight a few common product installation options that you should consider for your home.

heated towel rack

Perfect for Comfort on Cold Mornings

If you’ve never used a heated towel rack, then believe us when we tell you, there’s no better way to start your day on a cold morning. Stepping out of the shower dripping wet can be massively uncomfortable, especially on days when the temperature drops but with an Amba brand towel rack your towel and robe will provide a warm embrace.

Useful for Delicates in the Laundry

From elastic to wool and delicate cottons, some pieces of clothing can’t be dried on regular heat cycles, as doing so could shrink them. Amba brand heated towel racks work perfectly for quickly drying delicate articles of laundry without wasting all the energy of another load of clothes in the dryer. Their towel racks come in a variety of different sizes, stop by our showroom to check out all of the various designs and find the one that is perfect for your home.

Keep Your Pool Towels Dry

With summer on the horizon and pools reopening, we all know there are times after swimming around for a while when you want to get out and dry off for a minute before getting back in. But now your towel is wet! With a heated towel rack, you can dry off with your towel, and then let it dry off on the rack so it’ll be warm and dry the next time you get out. Adding an Amba towel rack can make your pool even more relaxing than you ever thought it could be.

Learn More About Amba Towel Racks at Our Showroom

Whether you’re interested in a new Amba towel rack, or any of our other luxury brands, stop by our showroom in Jessup, MD to see our wide array of displays and products. We’ve been providing Maryland with our home remodeling services for years, and would be more than happy to help you improve your home!