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When Should You Replace the Concrete in Your Garage?

If your garage was built at the same time as your house, it’s easy to find out how old it is. If it was an addition by previous owners, you may not know the concrete’s age. Luckily, one of the best ways to tell if your garage floor needs replaced is by simply observing it!

When Should You Replace the Concrete in Your Garage

What Causes Concrete Floor Cracks?

The most obvious symptom of garage flooring that is going downhill with regard to functionality and safety is cracks in the concrete. There are many different reasons your concrete can become cracked:

  • The original concrete mix that was poured could have been poorly mixed or made up of low quality aggregate.
  • The same freeze-thaw cycle in winter months that your driveway is very susceptible to also affects your cold garage floor (unless you heat your garage during the cold season with a furnace or portable heater).
  • Snow-melting salt mixes that are brought into the garage via your vehicle’s tires and can erode the concrete floor.
  • The gradual settling that occurs as soil shifts over time.
  • There is water damage from moisture in foundation cracks or due to inadequate drainage.
  • The garage floor was installed improperly, or prep work was not done (i.e. insufficient soil compaction or inadequate reinforcement).

What Does Replacement Cost?

The cost to replace your concrete garage flooring depends on a few different factors:

Factor #1Your garage’s accessibility. If your driveway is too narrow or is difficult to navigate a concrete truck on, this might make installation a lengthier and more labor-intensive project, which can increase installation fees.

Factor #2Your existing floor’s condition. The more damaged your floor, the more work that is required for demolishing and removing all of the rubble.

Factor #3Personal preferences. How thick do you want the concrete flooring to be? Are you interested in using the garage as a workshop or home gym and therefore considering underfloor heating? Do you want protective coating installed to extend the life and increase the attractiveness of your garage floor? All of these specifications can add to the base price of concrete installation.

If your garage flooring is in need of replacing, or you’re considering upgrading to polished concrete in Pennsylvania, look to the professionals at Dragon Scale Flooring. We have over 40 years of experience in the flooring industry and work primarily with concrete and floor coverings for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Contact us today to learn more!