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What Flooring Should I Use in my Restaurant

The flooring of any restaurant needs to meet quite a few qualifications For instance, it needs to be durable, reliable, and compliant with different safety standards. It’s going to be seeing a lot of traffic, dropped objects, and plenty of abuse. And, while it holds up to all of this, it still needs to look its best. That’s why choosing the perfect flooring material is so important. But, what is the best material? To find out, you’re going to need to understand the basics of what makes a flooring material so ideal for commercial services. Read on to learn more about which flooring material is going to be best for your restaurant.

What Do You Need From Commercial Flooring?

In general, there are a few qualities that every floor needs if its being used in a commercial setting. Number one is durability; without this, the flooring will need to be frequently replaced, which will cost you more money. Durability means that it can hold up to the frequent use and traffic that a commercial floor will encounter. Restaurant flooring, especially, is going to see significant traffic during its lifespan. Your flooring is also going to have to be sanitary, in compliance with safety codes. This means it must be properly sealed and food-grade safe, with an easily cleaned surface. Otherwise, porous flooring might give way to bacteria. And lastly, in compliance with OSHA, your floor will have to be slip-resistant.

Polished Concrete is the Best Option

Using polished concrete is always the most reliable solution when it comes to restaurant flooring. It provides all the necessary qualities that are required of commercial flooring, and it also gives the durability, sanitation, and slip-resistant aspects that are needed for restaurants. Concrete is easy to clean, and polished concrete protects itself from moisture and harmful bacteria. This gives the added benefit of keeping your floor free of scratches and stains.

Why Polished Concrete?

You may be wondering why it’s important to polish your concrete and seal it, as opposed to just leaving it alone. Well, when it comes to restaurants, you’re going to need all the floor protection you can get. The moisture-resistant qualities of polished concrete are perfect for places where spills are frequent. And, because polished concrete is not porous, it’s food-grade safe because it can’t harbor bacteria. Polished concrete is slip-resistant, which follows OSHA standards. It is also extremely durable, including its ability to resist thermal shock. Whether you’re using polished concrete for the back room or for the front of house, it’s perfect for your entire restaurant. It can give a fascinating aesthetic feel while providing you with all the proper aspects of a safe, reliable restaurant floor.

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