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What Concrete Coating is Best For a Garage?

Are you looking to install concrete flooring in your garage? Whether the garage flooring if for your home workshop or your business, the right flooring can make a world of difference. And the right flooring is only as good as the coating used to seal it because it is inevitably going to go through quite a test of endurance. 
What’s the best concrete garage floor coating? Epoxy. Read on to see why epoxy is the perfect garage concrete floor coating for you.
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Why Epoxy?

Epoxy is a synthetic material which can be spread over a concrete floor, providing a tough yet invisible barrier between your flooring and any damage that may come its way. While you could seal your flooring with some type of acrylic, it’s not going to last nearly as long, and it won’t be as effective.
Epoxy floor coatings harden extremely well, and it repels water easily. Even though it’s a smooth, hard surface, it provides plenty of traction for vehicles. This makes it perfect for garages, which are going to be impacted by frequent traffic and liquid spills.

Some Things to Consider

Before you start your epoxy coating, you’ll want to take a few things into consideration:
Choose a Dark Color — Epoxy comes in a variety of colors. This means that you’ll want to choose a color that is perfect for a garage. Choose something dark, so that you’ll be able to find fallen screws and bolts with ease.
Avoid Whites — Never go with anything white when you’re coating the floor of a garage–it will show dirt and grime, very unforgivingly.
Avoid Patterns — Patterns might not be the best idea. While they can hide dirt well, they also make finding fallen screws very difficult.
If you aren’t sure what kind of concrete floor coating to choose, give East Coast Kemiko a call today! We’ve got high-solids, low-solids, and 100% solids epoxies. Explain your specific situation, and we’ll help you find the epoxy coating you need.
Why Seal Your Concrete?
Sealing concrete is a vital, necessary step, especially if you’re working with a commercial garage. At face value, it simply looks more professional to have a glossy, beautiful, easy-to-clean floor. More importantly, though, it repels damage and debris with ease.
By sealing your floor, you make cleaning up a breeze, giving you more time to work, and more time to be productive. A good flooring sealant can make your concrete flooring last for years. If you’re looking for the perfect way to protect your garage flooring from damage, epoxy sealant is the best option.
East Coast Kemiko has the best concrete garage floor coatings!
Regardless of your situation, East Coast Kemiko can help you find the perfect material to protect your concrete flooring. From residential garages to commercial mechanic shops, East Coast Kemiko has the materials and knowledge to get you started on your concrete flooring DIY project.
We make sealing concrete an easy, positive experience, so you can protect your flooring without any stress. Interested? Contact East Coast Kemiko today, and we’ll get started on your project.