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Use Rubaroc for Your Outdoor Play Spaces

You’re looking to build a playground. You know you want a slide, some swings, and maybe a jungle gym. But what kind of base or floor should you use? Could Rubaroc be the answer? Lets go over why you should consider using Rubaroc for your outdoor space.

rubaroc indoor playground installation

Why is Rubaroc Perfect for Play Areas?

Rubaroc is a great flooring material for a variety of reasons. It gets its name because it has the feeling of something that is a mix of rubber and rock. It is safe yet strong and durable. This material is so versatile for the outdoors, it’s changing the way the industry does outdoor remodeling.

A Safe Material

When kids are playing, they will inevitably fall down at some point. Whether it’s a fall off a swing or tripping during a game of tag—it happens. When your kids do fall, what do you want them landing on? Hard asphalt? Gritty gravel or mulch? How about a safe rubber-like surface: Rubaroc.

Rubaroc is made out of small rubber granules which help to soften and minimize impact which reduces injury. Not only is it better for when kids do fall, but it helps prevent them from falling in the first place! If you’re looking for safety, Rubaroc is certainly the way to go.

Strong and Durable

Not only is will a new Rubaroc playground mat provide safety, it also provides extreme strength and durability. Rubaroc can create strong bonds with most materials, including concrete, asphalt, tarmac, brick and wood. The bond it creates is hearty and resilient, and will be sure to withstand most pressures.

In addition to its strength, Rubaroc is also a highly durable product. It requires almost no maintenance, can withstand even the harshest of climates, and won’t even fade under the sun. Rubaroc flooring certainly is a long-term solution to your flooring needs.

Rubaroc Fits With Any Playground

When designing a playground, or anything for that matter, you want your flooring to work with your design and not the other way around. That’s why Rubaroc is such a great choice, it can fit into any design and any climate.

Rubaroc comes in nearly any color under the sun, which can really help when designing for kids. It can be installed anywhere—inside and outside—and in any climate. Not the harsh heat of the sun, nor the intense cold of the snow affects Rubaroc, meaning it can be installed anywhere.

How to Get Rubaroc Installed

Dragon Scale Flooring, Inc. is one of the few official trained Rubaroc floor installers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington D.C., and throughout the East Coast.

For more information about Rubaroc or to receive a free estimate, give Dragon Scale Flooring Inc. a call today at (844-237-3566).