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The Right Tools for Your Concrete Job: Application

Concrete finishing is a highly detailed and skilled job, it requires first hand professional knowledge and high quality tools. Having the right tool for the job just isn’t enough when coating concrete, you have to have an excellent quality tool from a trusted manufacturer. If you are a veteran concrete pro you understand the nuances of a detailed custom job and that the tools are of the utmost importance. From your handy floats and trowels to rollers and tape, East Coast Kemiko has a huge selection of application tools, and all from manufacturers that we, as industry experts, trust.

1. Hand Trowels

Trowels smooth the surface of applied concrete overlays. Having a quality trowel makes for great overlays and yields a more fluid consistency. Trowels come in many shapes and sizes. Their primary function is to smooth or texture a topping.

2. Squeegees

The best tool for the job when applying toppings and bond coats. Squeegees come in many shapes and sizes, some are metal and some are rubber, it is up to the professional to choose his applicator.

3. The Magic Trowel

One of our best sellers is the Magic Trowel, it is technically a squeegee, however it is such a functional tool that it has created a category of its own. The magic trowel delivers finesse to larger areas and with a more refined end product.

4. Spreaders and Rakes
Spreaders and gauge rakes are most commonly used when materials are a quarter inch or thicker, like self leveling concretes and stampable overlays. This tool preps the floor for the next steps and is key to the job or project.

5. Rollers
Rollers are used most commonly to apply coatings in the finishing stages of a project. It is important to use an excellent quality roller for even distribution and ample coating.

We can help you pick the right tools for your coating application. We carry a wide range of trowels, rakes, brushes, and wall strippers, along with replacement parts such as roller covers, squeegee blades and pan liners. From spiked shoes to mixing blades and safety glasses, we’ve got all of your application needs covered!