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Solutions for Correctional Facility and Prison Flooring

If you are tasked with selecting flooring for your correctional facility or prison cells, you know that installing the wrong flooring can be a costly mistake. And not just in regard to the price of flooring, but it could actually cost someone’s life. That’s why it’s best to consult with commercial flooring professionals who have worked on these types of projects before, like our Experts at Dragon Scale Flooring. We know the requirements correctional facility flooring has to meet and we’ll be happy to recommend you a few products.

Safe Flooring

One of the reasons tile and similar flooring materials can’t be used in prison cells is the fact that their surface can be penetrated with enough effort. A cracked ceramic tile, for example, can be easily turned into a weapon. For correctional facilities, specifically inside cells, flooring needs to have a hard surface that is impossible to pick.

Sanitary Flooring

Hygiene is just as important as safety in a prison cell. Considering that many prisons are overcrowded and germs spread fast in tight, poorly ventilated spaces, it’s best to choose flooring that doesn’t harbor bacteria. This means the flooring should be as smooth and non-porous as possible and resistant to dents and scratches.

Easy-to-Clean Flooring

The ease of cleaning goes along with sanitary attributes, but it also means that the flooring should be tolerant of harsh cleaning agents and moisture. Replacing or resurfacing the floor every few years is simply not in the budget for most correctional facilities and prisons, so the flooring you choose now will need to last.

Correctional Facility Flooring Options

One of your best options for correctional facility and prison cell flooring is a durable concrete coating installed over the existent concrete slab. Popular concrete coatings include epoxy, polyurethane, polyaspartic and MMA. Some of them can be combined with anti-bacterial, anti-static and other additives to create flooring that meets all of your requirements. Certain coatings can also be used on the walls of prison cells to harden the surface and prevent tampering.

Want to learn more about prison and correctional facility flooring or see the examples of projects we’ve completed? Call us or contact online today.