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Outdoor Materials

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At Dragon Scale Flooring we work with many materials designed to protect your outdoor surfaces from the elements. If you need a solution for waterproofing your outdoor kitchen or refinishing or sealing your old concrete patio, our team of experienced flooring professionals can help. We work on outdoor projects in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and all over the East Coast.

Our Outdoor Services

There are many areas outside of your home that could use an extra layer of protection, whether it’s to waterproof, prevent discoloration or reduce scratching and cracking. We use a variety of urethane, epoxy, polyaspartic, cementitious and elastomeric products that are perfect for many outdoor applications, such as:

  • Patio refinishing
  • Pool deck coatings
  • Swimming pool coatings
  • Home exterior
  • Outdoor bar tops and tabletops
  • Exterior waterproofing

Contact us today to discuss your home maintenance needs and get an estimate on our outdoor services.

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Outdoor patio