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Garage Flooring

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Looking to revamp your old and boring concrete garage floor? You’ve come to the right place! At Dragon Scale Flooring, we help homeowners choose and install attractive and affordable garage flooring to add both style and durability to this space. We install garage flooring in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and throughout the East Coast.

Garage Flooring Challenges

The garage is a unique space with its own challenges. First of all, if you actually keep your car in your garage, you need flooring that will stand up to those tires and the weight of your car or truck. Although the vehicle moves slowly inside a garage, its sheer weight and tire friction can ruin certain floor coverings and coatings. Second of all, if you use your garage as a workshop like many of us do, you want flooring that can take a hit. Whether it’s a dropped hammer or a jar full of screws that plummets down. Impact-resistant flooring will last longer and will look nicer in this scenario.

Garage Flooring Options

Depending on what you primarily use your garage for, here are a few floor covering and concrete coating options that can produce the desired surface.

Have questions about choosing the best flooring materials for your garage? Contact Dragon Scale Flooring for assistance or to request an estimate.