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Bedroom Flooring

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Dragon Scale Flooring can help you turn your bedroom into a true oasis perfect for rest and relaxation. Flooring is a big part of how your bedroom looks and feels, and it’s worth working with a professional to ensure you make the right flooring choice. We provide bedroom flooring installation in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC, as well as in other states along the East Coast.

Bedroom Flooring Requirements

The type of flooring you choose for your bedroom depends on many factors. Many homeowners we work with express interest in bedroom flooring that is:

  • Warm under feet
  • Aids with sound-proofing
  • Increases the value of their home
  • Doesn’t attract dust and allergens
  • Resistant to pet scratches

Can all of these features be found in one flooring material? Sometimes they can be, and other times area rugs are used to compensate for certain characteristics. Either way, give us your budget, timeline and personal preferences, and we’ll work our magic to find and install the right flooring for your bedroom and your lifestyle.

Bedroom Flooring Options

It makes a big difference which bedroom you are working on. For example, for a master bedroom, you may want something more upscale and aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, for a child’s bedroom you may want to go with flooring that will stand up to frequent cleaning and tough stains.

Here are some of the popular bedroom flooring options you should consider:

Contact us today to discuss your bedroom remodeling project and get an estimate on bedroom flooring.

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