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Should I Remove or Encapsulate Asbestos Tile?

If you suspect your home has asbestos tile flooring, it’s best to get in touch with a professional before attempting to do anything further involving those tiles. There are two methods to deal with asbestos tiling: remove the tile completely or encapsulate the tiles. So which method should you go with? The answer depends on a number of factors.

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Why Do I Need to Worry About Asbestos Tile?

Asbestos tiling was a material used in a wide array of products for its durability and resistance to heat. Most commonly in the home it is found with asbestos tile floors. If these floor tiles crack or chip it can release asbestos fibers into the surrounding air. Unfortunately, these asbestos fibers once airborne can be inhaled causing a lot of dangerous health conditions particularly in the lungs.

When Should I Remove Asbestos Tile?

Typically, asbestos tile should be removed immediately and as soon as possible. This will help prevent even the slightest possibility of the tile chipping or cracking which could lead to serious health issues. If you’re planning on moving into a home, have the tile removed before any other renovations so you can be sure all of the asbestos tile has been correctly extracated.

When Should I Encapsulate Asbestos Tile?

Sometimes, removing all the asbestos tile in a residential or commercial space can be cost-prohibitive. If your asbestos tiling is in good condition, it could qualify for an asbestos encapsulation, which basically means sealing the floor with epoxy. Having your floor sealed with epoxy by an experienced asbestos floor encapsulation company will keep the asbestos tile sealed and safe for future use while also saving you money on an expensive asbestos abatement service.

Can I Cover-Up Asbestos Tile?

The only good way to cover-up asbestos tile will be with an asbestos encapsulation. That said, once your floor is sealed to prevent the chipping and release of hazardous asbestos fibers, you can cover up this encapsulation. Epoxy flooring, which again is what is used in asbestos encapsulation, is very durable and a great base for carpets or a floating floor. Have the same Maryland asbestos encapsulation company who sealed your asbestos tile also install carpet or a floating floor over your new epoxy floor.

For help with asbestos encapsulation, get in touch with a local Maryland asbestos encapsulation company. Based in Maryland, Dragon Scale Flooring performs experienced asbestos encapsulation services in the state of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington D.C. For more information, give Dragon Scale a call at 844-237-3566 or fill out the form on our website for a free estimate today!