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Preparation is Key for Concrete Coatings

Preparation is a critical step in the installation of a concrete floor coatings. The preparation of a concrete floor for coating should be done using the highest quality equipment. Without the proper preparation of a concrete floor, the repairs will not last, and you’ll be in need of future servicing much earlier than necessary.
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Water Blasting

Commonly, the first step to preparing a concrete surface for a new coating is water-blasting. Water blasting helps to clean your floors and strip them of any contaminants or residues which would interfere with the coating’s ability to bind to the floor. Water blasting works by, quite literally, blasting water at the concrete floor at such a high pressure that it removes the surface of all dirt, sealants, paint, and previous coating

Profiling the Floor

Sometimes, water blasting the floor won’t be enough to properly prepare the area for a new floor coating. When this is the case, we move onto profiling the floor. Profiling involves one of two methods, either diamond grinding or shot-blasting.
Diamond grinding which is offered by Diamabrush, is an affordable and quick way to prepare concrete floors for coating. Diamabrush surface preparation is much like sanding off the imperfections in the floor to create a smooth and level surface which can adequately receive a new coating.
Shot-blasting is similar to water-blasting but is simply a more advanced version of the technique. One area it is better than water blasting is that it has a self-contained vacuum recovery system which means a prepared concrete floor without a huge mess.

Choosing Quality Materials

When it comes to applying a new floor coating, it’s always important that you source high quality products for the job. Cheap products will save you money in the short-run, but you’ll be back re-applying a new floor coating much sooner if you go this route. Not only will the cost be less in the long run when you use higher quality materials, but you’ll be saving time as well.
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