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Our Top 4 Home Remodeling Trends

At Dragon Scale Inc, we take great pride in offering custom services for all our clients. Our Home Remodeling Specialists will help you remodel your home to perfection, and the four modern trends listed below speak to the way homes look in the 21st Century, designs buyers prefer, and ideas that ultimately raise your home’s value.

Modern design trends from Dragon Scale Inc.

Minimalist Fixtures

Adding new fixtures to your kitchen or bathroom need not take over the room’s design. At Dragon Scale, we offer a wide range of minimalist fixtures that function well, look great, and do not overshadow all your other design ideas.

Architectural Details

Adding small architectural details to your home increases its value and enhances your enjoyment of the house. We can help you add everything from crown molding to baseboards, archways, and much more. With our exterior services, we can do the same outside your home.

Muted Colors and Accent Walls

There’s no need to splash color all over your home. You can use muted colors like soft grays to ensure your home is easy to decorate. At the same time, we can paint beautiful accent walls featuring stripes, patterns, and even murals. These small details make your home a much more interesting place to live and grab the attention of future buyers.

Added Storage

Adding storage to your home is a major part of any design. Our Home Remodeling Specialists will help you add storage where possible, using built-ins, cabinets, and a wide range of shelves. There is no need to use your garage or basement for storage when we can add storage throughout the house.

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