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Is Rubaroc Flooring Only for Outdoor Application?

Rubaroc is very quickly becoming one of the top flooring options in Maryland and the country as a whole. It’s used for everything from playgrounds, to water parks, to lobbies and waiting rooms. While many people are aware of the benefits of using Rubaroc flooring, they may not be aware that it’s great for both indoor and outdoor applications.


As an experienced Maryland Rubaroc installer, we wanted to take some time today to talk about why Rubaroc is perfect for indoor applications.

The Many Benefits of Rubaroc Flooring

Rubaroc is truly an amazing flooring option, and it’s great for both indoor and outdoor uses. Here are some of the biggest benefits you can see from using Rubaroc:

  • Safe – Rubaroc is slip resistant, but even if a fall does happen it’s a soft and smooth surface so it will minimize the impact.
  • Customizable – No matter what kind of design you have in mind, Rubaroc can fit your design plan. It comes in all different colors and you can recreate your logo on your floor.
  • Durable – Rubaroc comes with a 10-year warranty because it’s meant to last. Most of the floors we install last around 30 years, and they can withstand even some of the harshest wear and tear.
  • Non-Porous and Low Maintenance – Being made out of a close-cell polymer, Rubaroc doesn’t allow for any dirt or bacteria to build up. Additionally, its smooth surface allows for easy maintenance and sanitary conditions.

Great for Indoor Use

Over the years we’ve worked with many homeowners throughout Maryland on finding the perfect applications for Rubaroc in their homes. With all of the different color options that come with this type of flooring, you can customize designs and patterns that will suitably complement the room or the rest of your home. There are other good flooring options, but none have quite all of the benefits of Rubaroc.

Work With a Professional Maryland Rubaroc Flooring Installation Company

Here at Dragon Scale Flooring, we’ve been installing Rubaroc and other flooring materials in Maryland for years. We’ve worked with both domestic and commercial clients, and have handled all different kinds of projects. If you’re looking for a new flooring option you should consider Rubaroc. Our team of Maryland flooring installation experts is standing by ready to help you with your project, so contact us today.