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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinet Material

Cabinets can make or break a kitchen remodel. It’s one of the most integral parts of the kitchen and should be treated as such. In addition to providing much-needed storage space, they also play a key role in the aesthetics of your kitchen. Here’s what you need to know about some of the most popular cabinet materials.

kitchen cabinet remodel options


There’s a wide variety of hardwood cabinets available. Some hardwood types, such as hickory and maple are better at resisting scratching and denting more than softwood types. However, expect to pay more for its durability. Hardwood also has a warm, rich color that a lot of homeowners love. 


Plywood is a glued and laminated wood that is overlaid with a hardwood veneer. Plywood comes in different grades, with grade A being the best quality and grade E being the least desirable quality. However, it’s important to note that regardless of the grade of plywood you choose, a good kitchen remodeler will still be able to build beautifully crafted kitchen cabinets.


One of the most cost-effective cabinet materials, fiberboard has become a popular choice for consumers. It’s made out of recycled fibers, resin, and wax pressed together under high pressure. It’s a strong material that has a smooth surface. It’s an ideal choice for those who want to paint over their cabinets. 


Wood veneer is a thin layer of solid hardwood peeled from a log. Wood veneers are thin and are always glued and pressed to particleboard or fiberboard. These flat panels are light and inexpensive. Veneered cabinets allow for beautiful finishes, so they’re ideal for homeowners who want to customize their kitchens.


Particleboard is created by recycling wood products and forming them into sheets. Then, it’s finished with a layer of laminate or wood veneer. It’s an inexpensive option; however, it’s not the most durable one. It’s one of the weakest cabinet materials and does not take well to moisture. Particleboard isn’t the best option for kitchens that see a lot of activity. 

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