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How Safe is Rubaroc Flooring?

If you’re looking for a floor option that’s as durable as it is safe, then Rubaroc may be just the material you’re looking for. Rubaroc is a unique flooring material made from EPDM rubber granules that stick together to make a tough, yet flexible surface. As an experienced Maryland Rubaroc flooring installer, we wanted to take some time today to discuss just some of the benefits of Rubaroc flooring.

rubaroc flooring safe

Extremely Safe

Rubaroc is one of the safest options out in today’s market, and it’s for this reason that it’s a favorite material for schools and children’s playgrounds. Not only is Rubaroc slip-resistant, but it’s also a soft and flexible material so if someone does happen to fall there’s a limit to the scrapes and bruises they can receive.

A Durable and Long-Lasting Option

In addition to being a safe option, Rubaroc is also an extremely durable flooring material. Rubaroc floors can withstand changes in temperature, as well as even some of the harshest weather. Drops and falls shouldn’t have much effect on the Rubaroc either, so no matter what you throw at it, Rubaroc flooring is ready to face the challenge.

Easy Maintenance and Repair

Even though they’re durable, sometimes even a Rubaroc flooring will need some maintenance or repairs. Luckily, when they do need repairs the repairs are easy to make. Maintenance for Rubaroc floors is extremely easy, and typically just one call to a professional Rubaroc flooring installer in Maryland can solve all of your problems.

Work With an Expert Rubaroc Flooring Installer

Here at Dragon Scale Flooring, we’ve been providing Maryland with our Rubaroc flooring services for years. If you’re considering Rubaroc for your floor, then you can benefit from working with our team of Maryland flooring installation experts. Don’t worry about making your next flooring decision alone. Give us a call today!