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How Long Will My Remodeling Project Take?

Updating your home is a great way to add functionality, comfort, and value to your home. Although you’re excited about how your new home will look, you aren’t as excited about how long it will take to remodel your home. After all, your home is your oasis, and you want to know how long it will be a construction zone. Take a look at these average times for home remodeling projects.

how long will home remodeling take

Cosmetic Remodeling

Cosmetic remodeling projects take the least amount of time to complete. Cosmetic renovations can take anywhere from a weekend to three months to complete. As the name suggests, these types of renovations are when you fix or upgrade small things around your home. Cosmetic remodeling projects can include things like interior or exterior painting, upgrading appliances, upgrading countertops, and basic floor replacements. Many of these tasks can be easily completed by the average DIY person, but you can get the best results if you hire a professional remodeling company. 

Medium Renovations

The next step up from cosmetic remodeling is medium-level renovations. These can take around several weeks to six months to complete. That’s because the builder will need to do more than make something look better but doesn’t have to make any serious structural changes or repairs. Remodeling a kitchen, basement, bathroom, and adding another room all fall into this category of a medium-level renovation. Your home’s current state will determine exactly how long it will take to complete your medium-level renovation. 

Major Renovations

The last kind of renovation you could be looking at is a major overhaul. It’s essentially when the home needs to be gutted and put back together again. When this happens, you’re looking at six months to over a year to complete the renovation. Your contractor may need to fix significant issues like structural and foundation damage. They even may need to lift the house, add a second floor, and more. This is the type of renovation projects people think of when they think about house flipping.

Find Out How Long Your Project Will Take

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