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How Dragon Scale Delivers Design/Build Remodeling

Everything’s great once the remodel has been finished, but oftentimes the design process can be a trying one. Trying to meet all of your needs during both the design and construction process is something most amateur Maryland home remodelers struggle with. At Dragon Scale, we’ve performed thousands of home remodels and wanted to outline our process.

dragon scale remodel process

We’ll Discuss All Your Needs and Wants

When you start your home remodeling project with us, you’ll have an in-depth conversation with a member of our team. During this talk, we’ll discuss everything you want to get out of the home remodel and how to achieve it with your budget. This is when we will figure out what materials will be used, and will also develop a timetable for the project’s completion.

Our Virtual Design Process

After we’ve discussed your project, our team will take details from our conversations and will be able to develop a 3-D model of what the remodel will look like. We’ll show you the model and will then be able to take additional feedback and adjust the model accordingly. This process will repeat until you’re 100% satisfied!

Construction Can Begin

Once you’ve approved the 3-D model, the real work can begin. Our contractors will start implementing your design, and you’ll be able to watch your home remodel slowly develop. We almost always complete remodels within the original timetable. But if any hiccups arise, we’ll keep you completely in the loop of how things are progressing and how the timetable has adapted. Keeping a clear line of communication open is important throughout the whole process.

Consult with a Professional Maryland Home Remodeling Company

No matter if you’re just looking to redo your bathroom or are looking for a whole home remodel, we can help! Our team has experience working with homes of all sizes and in many different styles. Get in touch with us to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you!