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How Does Acid Staining Work?

If you’re researching flooring options, one of the most popular ways to redo a concrete floor is to acid stain it. Acid staining is quite an involved process requiring multiple steps, but the truly amazing part is how the acid staining itself actually works.
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What is Acid Staining?

Acid staining is the process of altering the color of a concrete surface with an acid-based staining product. Typically, a floor staining company will perform a concrete acid staining by first cleaning the floor and covering any wood frames for protection. Then, an acid stain product is applied to the floor in an even pattern. The stain is commonly mixed with water and the more water used the lighter the floor’s stain.

How Does Acid Staining Work?

An acid stain product typically contains some form of acid such as phosphoric acid and a mineral component which is the stain. The acid in the acid stain reacts with the concrete opening up the pores so the mineral stain can penetrate. Once the minerals are in the concrete pores, they react with the concrete creating a unique acid stain.

How do I Seal an Acid Stain?

Once the acid stain has finished its job, and your concrete floor is at the desired color, it’s time to seal the floor. Before sealing the floor, it’s important to carefully clean up any excess acid stain present. We suggest using Neutra-Clean as it is a non-corrosive cleaning agent made perfect for cleaning concrete. Then, once clean, apply a protective acrylic floor sealer or similar product.
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