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How Can I Completely Waterproof My Locker Room?

Locker rooms require a higher level of waterproofing than other rooms. For obvious reasons. So what are the best options for waterproofing a locker room? Here’s all you need to know:

How Can I Completely Waterproof My Locker Room

What Kinds of Waterproofing Options are Out There?

Epoxy coatings are the ideal waterproofing option, not only for your floors, but for your walls as well. Putting epoxy on your floors and walls is perfect for your locker room, and here’s why:

Epoxy Flooring

Here at Dragon Scale, we offer epoxy floor coatings which are usable on concrete, hardwood, tile, and most all flooring options. Our team of flooring professionals work with you to figure out all of your specific flooring needs and can recommend an epoxy for you.

Epoxy Walls

Epoxy walls come with all the same benefits as epoxy floors, except these benefits are extended to the walls of your building. Epoxy walls can be beneficial to certain facilities such as, hospitals, jails, gyms, and locker rooms. Essentially, anywhere you need to worry about anything wet or contagious hitting the walls.

Benefits of Waterproofing Options

There are a great number of reasons to waterproof your walls or floor, here are a few:


Waterproofing helps to improve the overall sanitation of your building. It ensure moisture and germs aren’t able to see into porous surfaces to cause damage. So make your floors and walls more sanitary with epoxy waterproof coatings.

Low Maintenance

Waterproofed and epoxy-coated surfaces are some of the easiest to clean—it’s one of their biggest appeals. They’re resistant to stains and oil, and can be cleaned with a simple mop, and a bucket of soapy water.

Can Match Your Design

Epoxy flooring doesn’t have to be a work around for your design. It can be colored or mixed with chips to meet any design needs you may have and can hide any imperfections of the underlying surface.

Dragon Scale Can Do It All

If you’re interested in epoxy flooring and wall options, or just have any questions, feel free to contact us at 844-237-3566. We offer free estimates, and always love talking with our customers!

We know you will be satisfied with our team of installation professionals, and the work they do.