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How a Concrete Coating Protects Floors

Sealing concrete is the only real way to protected it from the elements for years to come. Concrete is durable, but its indestructible reputation falls short without the help of a sealant or coating.
That said, concrete floor coatings are used for more than just everyday protection. To learn more about concrete floor coating and how it can help you, read on!
How Concrete Sealants Protect Floors large

What is Concrete Floor Coating?

Coatings are chemicals used to protect concrete from various elements. This can include heavy foot traffic, stains, oil, moisture, and more. Each of these elements can present a serious problem if they’re left to wreak havoc on your concrete floors.
Moisture can cause concrete to crack and erode. Oil and stains are ugly and nearly impossible to remove. Frequent traffic can wear down the concrete until it appears dull and tired.
Most people won’t realize they could have prevented the damage with a concrete floor coating until it’s too late.

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy is a type of concrete barrier coating. Barrier coatings get their name because they act as a shield (or barrier) for the concrete. How well it functions is defined by how closely the resin molecules are packed within the coating.Because epoxy is made with resin, chemicals can be added to achieve various qualities, such as skid resistance.
Epoxy concrete coating is an excellent choice, because it’s easy to work with, and price can be easily adjusted for your budget.


This is the most important trait of any of the various types of concrete coatings. Permeability determines how well the coating can repel moisture. A low permeability rating is going to lead to a more successful coating. It will better adhere to the concrete, depending on how closely packed the resin molecules are.
A coating’s moisture vapor transmission rate, or MVT, determines its effectiveness and, ultimately, its price tag. So if you’re looking for the best in concrete coatings, look for a low MVT. 

Why Use Concrete Floor Coating?

The only way to completely ensure your floor is protected is to use a reliable concrete floor coating. The effectiveness may vary between different types of coatings, but each one is going to make your floor look and perform better than ever before.
No matter what, you need to choose some sort of concrete floor coating if you hope to keep your floor in excellent shape. Be sure to ask the professionals at East Coast Kemiko which coating is right for you.
How East Coast Kemiko Helps You
Here at East Coast Kemiko, we understand the number of choices for concrete floor coatings can be daunting. There’s vinyls, polyesters, polyaspartic, epoxy, and polyurethane, plus many others. Each option has specific properties which could be perfect for your concrete floor. By working with East Coast Kemiko, we guarantee you’ll be nothing short of satisfied with the results of your concrete floor coating.
Regardless of what type of concrete floor coating or sealant you’re using, East Coast Kemiko has experts who know their way around it. Contact East Coast Kemiko today so you can get started on finding the perfect concrete coating for your floor!