Veteran's Day Sale! - November 10th-15th

GoFundMe for a New Location to Employ Veterans

Dragon Scale Flooring is looking to open a second location and showroom in Laurel, MD. Our goal for this location is to be able to give veterans a place to work with one another and use their skills. What we’re looking for is donations to be used for their salaries, benefits, and transportation at the new location.

Hiring Veterans

Any veterans who are located in the Laurel, MD area are welcome to apply; we’re currently looking for 20 people to hire at the location. Positions would include sales, marketing, social media, stocking, housekeeping, manufacturer reps, deliveries, and installations. For more information on any open positions at the new location, give us a call at 844-237-3566.

Help Spread the Word

Our goal is to help employ veterans in a fun and friendly environment where they can grow their skills. To achieve this goal we need your help. Below is a link to our GoFundMe page—if you feel you can help us financially with this project please donate there. The funds will go directly to paying for transportation, benefits, and salaries of veterans in your community. In addition to the GoFundMe, we could also use your help in spreading the word so please share this post!