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Get Your Pool Ready With a New Pool Coating

Is your pool looking a little worse for wear? A little rough around the edges? If your pool’s concrete coating is starting to look a little worse for the wear it may be time to replace it.

Concrete coatings can go on many surfaces beyond just flooring. One of the best uses it in pools. Here’s more on how to get your pool ready with a new concrete epoxy pool coating.

pool coating epoxy

What is a pool coating?

A pool coating is an epoxy paint that is applied to a pool’s surface. It can be painted onto pool tile, fiberglass, concrete or steel liners, or any custom artwork you want to add.

Your pool coating is a very important component of your pool. This coating helps your pool last longer by sealing it from the water and closing up and tiny cracks. Epoxy pool coating also protects your pool’s surface from salt, UV damage, chlorine, and algae growth.

When does a pool coating need to be replaced?

The frequency with which you should replace your pool coating all comes down to when the coating was applied and how it’s looking. Some pool coatings claim that they will last for 20 years and others only boast about half that. What it really comes down to is whether or not the pool coating is still doing its job.

This is particularly important if you’re moving into a house that has a pool already and you’re not sure of its history. Inspect the pool before you fill it to make sure that everything is in order. If it isn’t then it might be time for some maintenance before you’re ready to swim.

If your pool coating is looking worse for wear, find a pool coating company that can help.

Dragon Scale Flooring is here to provide solutions that last.

We at Dragon Scale Flooring are here to help you make sure your pool is ready for the dog days of summer.

We can also handle jobs in aquariums, amusement and them parks, fountains, water features, and country club outdoor and indoor pools. Don’t let your pool’s maintenance fall by the wayside; call on a pool coating company today.

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