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Rubber Flooring Applications

Rubber Flooring is extremely versatile, and can be used for a variety of commercial and residential projects, interior and exterior, including but not limited to:

Leveling and Crack Repair

Rubber Flooring is great for leveling uneven surfaces such as a cracked concrete patio or heaved asphalt driveway. By coating these surfaces with Rubber Flooring you not only achieve an attractive, smooth look, but also protect your structure from water penetration and further damage. Rubber Flooring is flexible, which means the crack underneath won’t show through.

Consider Rubber Flooring for leveling old, damaged, or unattractive driveways, walkways, patios, or commercial flooring.

Safety Around Water

Water makes many surfaces slippery, which is a big risk and often a liability. Rubber Flooring can provide a good non-slip grip under your feet to help reduce slip and fall accidents by as much as 40%! In addition to that, Rubber Flooring also doesn’t absorb heat, which makes it more comfortable to walk or sit on during a hot summer day.

Consider Rubber Flooring for safety around water in water parks, amusement parks, splash pads, wading pools as well as residential and commercial swimming pools.

Improved Aesthetics & Protection

Rubber Flooring can be used to improve the appearance and prolong the lifespan of most solid surfaces inside and outside of your home or commercial space. The amazing color variety and custom design options make it easy to transform your property and protect it from fast deterioration at the same time.

Consider Rubber Flooring for improved aesthetics and protection of pathways, decks, patios, entrance ways, driveways, garage floors, porches, steps, and many more indoor and outdoor flooring projects!

Child Safety

Thanks to its non-skid surface, Rubber Flooring can be a perfect solution for indoor and outdoor areas where children are active. The many color choices and design integration also help enhance the play space, making it more appropriate and interesting for children. An added bonus is the softer surface that can help minimize the impact in case of a fall.

Consider Rubber Flooring for child safety at playgrounds, daycare centers, elementary schools, or backyard play areas.