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Protect-All Flooring Installation

Looking for a safe, environmentally-friendly, slip-resistant vinyl flooring option? Look no further than Protect-All Flooring. Protect-All is a ¼ inch thick noise-reducing, non-porous flooring that actually adds comfort underfoot. It’s also one of the most durable and protective products on the market.

Protect-All Flooring is sold throughout the United States and internationally, and is a name and product you can trust.

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Resistant to… Everything

When seeking out flooring options, one of the top features clients ask about is the floor’s ability to resist slips, stains, water, etc. Commonly, it’s easier to just opt for a flooring option, such as Protect-All flooring, which is resistant to simply everything. Protect-All Flooring is resistant to slips, stains, fire, water, mildew—it’s a workhorse and it’s ideal for any commercial space.

Extremely Durable

Alongside resistances to mildew or water comes a surface’s durability. With Protect-All flooring, you are not only getting a flooring resistant to anything you can throw at it, it is also extremely durable. Protect-All can withstand heavy foot traffic, heavy weight loads, and a high level of traffic.

Protect-All Improves Employee Happiness

Here’s a crazy thought, but it’s something we’ve heard from clients. This type of flooring actually improves workplace happiness. One of the major benefits of Protect-All is that it provides a non-porous, seamless flooring: which makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain. The floor is also slip-resistant which reduces falls (and leads to happier people).

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Adaptable to Any Design

Protect-All comes in eight different colors, varying in sheet sizes and thicknesses, and offers both matte and gloss finishes. No matter what style you are designing your room in, Protect-All has a color to match.

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