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Looking for ways to revitalize an old concrete floor for pennies per square foot? The Diamabrush Concrete Polishing System is an inexpensive, chemical-free way to sand, polish, and prep floors in your warehouse or store.

The unique concrete polishing system offered by Diamabrush uses wearable and replaceable diamond blades housed within a rotary tool. This rotary tool can be attached for use with any rotary cleaning tool making any sanding or polishing service less expensive for your business. In addition, this also means businesses with a rotary cleaning tool can purchase the Diamabrush tools themselves and make floor polishing part of their cleaning routine.

Dragon Scale Flooring is the area’s leading certified Diamabrush service company. Our trained professionals can polish and sand your business’s flooring, leaving it revitalized for pennies per square foot. For a free quote, get in touch with us today!

Features and Benefits

  • Prepares and cleans floors in one step
  • Creates a perfect, even profile
  • Eliminates dust when used with water
  • Lasts up to 100,000 sq. ft.
  • Saves money with replaceable blades
  • Removes the toughest adhesives, greases, and grime up to 10X faster.
  • Doesn’t clog up like sandpaper
  • Chemical-free
  • Use on existing flooring machines

The Brands We Trust

I can’t say enough about the wonderful experience I had dealing with Dragon Scale Flooring, I would recommend them without hesitation.