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Concrete Prep Steps

Step 1: Cleaning

The first thing we do to get your concrete ready for the coating is make sure it’s clean. After the floor is cleared of items and any loose debris is vacuumed up, we use a water-jetting machine to remove any dirt, sealants, paint and previous coatings. This machine has a self-contained vacuum recovery system that allows for mess-free concrete prep. Here is how it works:

Step 2: Profiling

Sometimes, water-jetting alone can be enough, but in other cases additional preparations need to be done. The ideal concrete surface that is ready for epoxy coating should have a sandpaper-like texture in order to ensure proper adhesion. If the concrete was polished smooth, it may need to be “profiled” (concrete pores opened up) by using diamond-grinding or shot-blasting equipment. At this stage, the concrete can also be leveled and any bumps evened out.

Step 3: Patching

If there are any cracks or voids in the concrete surface, they should be patched first to give us a level surface to work with. We use an epoxy patching gel and similar products to fill these cracks and voids.

And there you go! Now you have a clean, profiled concrete surface ready for the epoxy primer coat! Have more questions about how we do it or ready to get started? Contact us today for an estimate!

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