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Selecting the right flooring for a Restaurant


Restaurants may be one of the most diverse businesses when it comes to flooring selection. Most restaurants require different flooring in different zones, and take safety into consideration. Selection goes far beyond simple aesthetics, both the guests, as well as the employees must be considered in the process.

From an aesthetics point of view, flooring material in a restaurant must give the dining space a certain look and feel that appeals to diners and be on-brand with the look and feel of the rest of the business. Flooring for customer areas should come in attractive colors and patterns, should feel inviting, and not be slippery.

In addition to how the flooring looks for patrons, it is also critical to choose the right material, and restaurants have different zones with different needs. The bar flooring should be easy to clean as this area is prone to spills and the kitchen will need a durable and waterproof option that can also protect staff from slips and falls. Safety is key and there are now many safe options available that give restaurant owners the ability to protect their patrons and staff without compromising design.

Durability and ease of cleaning is another factor that tops the charts when choosing restaurant flooring. Carpeting used to be a common choice in restaurants but newer more durable options are proving to make carpeting a thing of the past for restaurateurs. As an example, concrete floors have become increasingly popular. Chipotle has used concrete with a diamond grind finish for the last ten years, calling it “battle-proof”. No matter which material you opt for, it’s ability to stand the test of time and it’s cleaning requirements are something that needs to be a top priority.

At Dragon Scale Flooring, we work with restaurant owners and property managers to help them consider all the important cornerstones of restaurant flooring, zones, and safety. We install flooring in commercial kitchens, bars, dining halls, and other areas within restaurants. We can help break down the space, its functions, evaluate the needs and challenges, and create the perfect flooring solution. We can even install cold-tolerant flooring in walk-in freezers and apply wall coating that makes kitchens easier to clean!

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