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Flood Damages and Your Flooring

If you’ve recently experienced a flood in your home, you may be wondering what type of long term effect it will have on your flooring. Does the flooring need to be replaced? Is restoration a possibility?

There are many factors that will determine whether or not your flooring is salvageable. Let’s look at some different scenarios and whether or not you need to replace your flooring.

Flood Damages and Your Flooring

Minor Flooding

If you’ve experienced minor flooding, such as a leaky pipe, or a small amount of water leaking into your basement or downstairs during a particularly bad storm, you will probably be able to salvage your original flooring.

After the flood, the most important thing you can do is to thoroughly dry the entire area. If the area isn’t dried completely, it could lead to mold and mildew problems down the road, which would end up requiring replacement flooring.

Major Flooding

Major flooding that encompasses the entire floor, such as after a significant storm or pipe burst, will likely be harder to recover from. In cases where certain types of flooring are completely saturated in water you will likely need to have the floor replaced entirely, to prevent mold and mildew from taking hold.

Because the flooring material has been saturated, it can be very difficult to dry entirely, and oftentimes wood flooring can become warped, and adhesives compromised.

Replacement Flooring

Certain types of flooring are more likely to be damaged beyond repair following a floor. Hardwood flooring and carpeted flooring are especially susceptible. Carpet fibers, wood, and wood glue can all become damaged and may need to be replaced.

If a floor occurs in an area of your home that requires new flooring, consider what type of replacement flooring is the best option for that area. If the flood was the result of a storm, for example, you may want to consider replacing the flooring with something less susceptible to damage, because the flooding could happen again.

If you are in need of new flooring installation in Maryland because of a flood, give us at Dragon Scale Flooring a call. We can help ensure that the damage from the old flooring doesn’t impact the new flooring in any way, and can help you determine what type of flooring is the best option for your home. For assistance with your basement or main level flooring in Maryland, call us today!