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Here are some of the questions we frequently get from our clients. If yours is not on the list, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Which parts of the country do you serve?

Although we are based in Maryland, we currently serve almost the entire East Coast. So if you live in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC or in any other East Coast states, feel free to contact us.

What is the cost per square foot?

It will depend on what flooring or finish we are talking about. Even among epoxies and urethanes the cost per gallon varies a lot and has to do with application requirements. Please call us to discuss your project, so that we can give you a closer estimate.

What kind of epoxy do you use?

At Dragon Scale Flooring, we only use the highest quality, most durable epoxy available on the market. We like epoxy products by KEMIKO® and we’ve had a great experience with them. Although keep in mind that choosing a good product is only half of the job—surface preparation plays a major role in how the end result will look and perform.

Can you help with a commercial or industrial project?

We certainly can! In the past we have completed flooring projects for airports, hotels, car dealerships, airplane hangars, retail stores, warehouses and many other similar facilities. No job is too big or too small. We’ve also worked on our share of government contracts, meeting tight deadlines and staying on budget.

What is 100% solids epoxy?

If you were researching concrete coatings, you may have come across epoxy with different percentages of “solids” next to them. This percentage essentially means how much of the coating evaporates between the time it’s applied and the time it dries. For example, 50% solids epoxy coating will be twice as thin when it dries. 100% solids means that nothing will evaporate, and the coat will have the same thickness whether it’s wet or dry.