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Why Epoxy Garage Flooring is Not a Simple DIY Project


Many companies lead you to believe that coating your garage floor with epoxy is a simple weekend DIY project that anyone could do with limited resources and for little cost. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, maybe that is because it is. Epoxy flooring can be a great solution in your garage, and is inexpensive in comparison to some other options out there, but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Products Available

There are many DIY epoxy flooring options on the market, of varying costs and difficulty levels. Many boast a one step application, but these claims can be misleading and confusing, and leave customers with poorly done floors that won’t stand up to the test of time. Other Epoxy flooring products include multiple steps that help prep your floors and give the homeowner a longer lasting product, but because they cost more time and money, these are often passed over for quicker and cheaper products.

Application Misrepresentation

Epoxy flooring kits often claim to have a simple, one step application process, making homeowners think they can handle the project with little to no preparation. The problem with these products and the claims they make is that doing this one step application skips some crucial steps in applying the epoxy, and leads to a sub par job. Floors need to be cleaned and prepped, a primer needs to be applied, and for the best, longest lasting flooring, a top coat should also be applied. Suddenly a “one step” application becomes a four step application, and while it can easily be done by a seasoned DIY guru, many people blindly follow these advertisements and end up with a mess and a lot of unnecessary headaches.

When to Hire a Professional

While applying epoxy flooring to your garage can definitely be a DIY project, it is a little bit more complicated than epoxy manufacturers would like you to believe. For the best result look for an application kit that includes a primer and a top coat, and make sure that you take the time to properly prep your garage floor. Taking the time to follow these “extra” steps will lead to a better result, and prevent future floor cracking and damage. If this project is out of your DIY comfort zone, Dragon Scale Flooring is here to help! Before applying your epoxy coating we will clean your floor with a high powered water jetting machine that will remove all dirt and debris that might interfere with the epoxy. In some cases, a cleaning is not quite enough to get floors ready for the epoxy coating, some floors may need to be “profiled”, meaning they are roughed up to have a sandpaper like texture for the epoxy to adhere to. After this any cracks are patched and your floor is prepped and ready to begin! Once these steps are complete we will apply the best epoxy product for your needs quickly so you can get back to your life.

Epoxy garage flooring can protect your garage from damage over time, resist stains and prevent cracks. Despite what epoxy manufacturers would like you to believe, application is more complicated than a simple one step, afternoon DIY project. At Dragon Scale Flooring we are experts in all types of flooring, and would love to help you with your epoxy project, give us a call today!