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Epoxy Floor Coating Classes

East Coast Kemiko proudly holds various classes based around epoxy floor coatings. We have a wide array of products, and each requires specific knowledge to operate and use. Therefore, it only makes sense that East Coast Kemiko focuses on helping our loyal customers to properly use each product.
Luckily, with these classes, we can help you to understand the basics and advanced aspects of each epoxy floor coating product we carry. To learn more about our epoxy floor coating classes, read on.

What Kinds of Classes Are Held?

Our classes can appeal to anyone. You could simply be doing a DIY project in your garage, or you could be a professional contractor looking to experiment with a new product. Regardless, of who you are or what you’re using epoxy for, our classes can help.
Our epoxy installation classes provide you with intimate knowledge of the products we carry, including both coatings and stains. In the coming weeks, we are offering multiple classes which we outline below:
May 21st, 2018 – Acid Stain Overview – Free.  Come and learn what Kemiko™ acid stains and coatings has to offer you for your decorative concrete coating project.
July 13th, 2018 – Garage Transformations – $60. Learn how to transform your garage with leading epoxy and decorative stain products from Kemiko™.
August 17th-21st, 2018 – Quick Labor Day Renovations – DECORATIVE CONCRETE & POLISHING – Submit Request. See what quick projects can be done around the home and office to preserve and increase curb appeal. Attend this training and receive up to 30% off Kemiko™ items. Space is limited to 20 individuals, so be the first to sign up! East Coast Kemiko Is hosting a decorative Concrete Artist and a Concrete Polisher for the week.

Why Are Classes Important?

When it comes to epoxy floor coatings, you need to be familiar with all of the surrounding products. This will give you the best array of options, so you will always know which product is right for the job.
If you are a contractor, it’s important to be aware of all the different epoxy products and how they can work to benefit a project. With this knowledge you can support your customers and make it easier to create a beautiful epoxy coated floor.
If you are someone who is working on a personal project, you probably have less knowledge of the products and tools than a contractor might have. In this case, classes are necessary; they’ll help you to understand the products, but they will also help you to learn processes that can make your project successful.
Epoxy floor coatings can be complicated, but with the right knowledge and training, you can easily use them to your benefit.

Learn more about epoxy floor coating in a comfortable, knowledgeable setting!

Are you curious about East Coast Kemiko’s epoxy floor coating classes? It’s time to look into learning more about this wonderful craft. You can learn more about our products when you sign up for our extensive classes, and hone your skills before you attempt to lay your decorative concrete projects.
Don’t jump into the project blind. Make sure you have a full and